Thursday, 9 October 2014

The HOTT Wars of the Roses

Our group has played Wars of the Roses games using HOTT before, but none of them have been documented here. That chages now, because tonight we did another one.

We found that most of the troop types translated pretty directly, and that the interactions gave the right feel  as well. The core of each army is a mass of Shooters and Blades, with a handful of Knights and then the odd Spear, Artillery, Rider or Warband. Tonight's armies were Shooters and Blades, with Knights on both sides and Spears on one. We played to 48AP - Peter and John took one side and I ran the other solo.

I didn't keep a detailed record of the battle but it was, as you expect, a vicious exchange of bowfire followed by a long, hard slog of a melee as the Blades got stuck in. 

I came off worse in the grind, with my left-hand command losing most of its archers (after a good stat, it has to be said). I nearly killed the enemy CinC in a epic fight on a hill, with Knights charging and counter-charging, but the command soon broke. It fought on quite well, thanks to good PIPs, but eventually casualties elsewhere saw the army break.

Peter provided the lovely 15mm figures and the terrain.

On the other table Ralph and Bryan played Flames of War with Canadians in Normandy attacking a German position. I really only took photos of bits of the setup, including the French tank-turret pillbox.

This photo's for Caesar, who wasn't allowed to play with us tonight because he has to build a chicken run.

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  1. The WOTR battle looks great and translates so well to HOTT. Lovely minis, nicely captured in the pics. Thanks for the last photo - that gives me inspiration, though foxes might dig under it.


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