Saturday, 4 October 2014

MOAB - The Saturday

It's the October Long Weekend, and that means MOAB!

Although my usual contact with MOAB is the HOTT competition on the Monday - which I will be doing again this year - last year a couple of us put on some gladiatorial games and chariot-racing, and we did it again this year.

We ran several games of Munera Sine Missione. Despite attracting newcomers to the game we actually used a few advanced and optional rules, but no-one seemed troubled, and everyone seemed to have a good time

Victor ran a game of Jugula, which was enjoyed by a couple of player - one of them enjoyed it so much he ran another game for other people later in the day. I have to say that I was less impressed with it, but it's really a card-management game masquerading as a gladiatorial combat game.

We finished the day off with a chariot race, using my Celtic chariots rather than the more traditional Roman ones. Same rules, just different playing pieces. Good fun was had by all. In these pictures I'm in the lead. I actually finished fifth.

Thanks to Victor for doing the real organisation; I just turned up with figures and played games all day.

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