Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Return Of Clobberin' Time!

I'm easily distracted. Whilst rummaging through files on my PC looking for one thing, I came across a load of notes on possible changes I wanted to make to my superhero skirmish rules, 'Clobberin' Time'.

Not all of them are ready for public consumption just yet, but a few were, so I though that I might as well update the rules document. So head over to the FREE STUFF page where you can download Draft 02. of 'Clobberin' Time'!

The additions are, in fact, minor. Some wording has been tidied up, for example. The main changes are the addition of rules for throwing things, and a new ability - Gadgets.


  1. I have played these rules a couple of times now and find them easy to play and within an hour or two, that makes them brilliant as you come home from work and don't really want to do alot of thinking / effort, however enjoy a challenging game, well done and keep up the good work Alan. :-)

  2. I'm thrilled to discover that someone other than me has played them :) Thank you!


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