Monday, 31 March 2014

A Paper Church

In odd moments over the last couple of evenings I have been working on a design for a church to go with my skinny village buildings for 'Maurice'. I printed it off and assembled it tonight.

Here it is in a larger village (two base-widths by four, or 50mm x 100mm)

Here's the layout in Word. Once again the windows, doors and so forth are taken from buildings available on Junior General.

It does take up more space than I thought it would, but I can't see a way of making the design smaller. I think I'll make another, but stick to the smaller footprint clock-towers  for my other tall buildings.


  1. The church works out well and I like the clock tower too, particularly since it has such a small footprint. You even have a cobblestone town base now! Can't wait to try these for the Oudenarde scenario.


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