Thursday, 27 March 2014

More Maurice Real-Estate

A few people following my project to produce built-up areas suitable for Maurice (and other games) commented that the buildings would look better on a cobblestone base. So I produced a prototype this evening. I say 'prototype' actually I printed off a square of paper featuring a slightly edited version of this texture from Flickr user Gerald Menzel.

Here it is with some buildings on it, and some unpainted cavalry (the painted units weren't to hand when I took the photos).

And here it is in its 'garrisoned' configuration - minus the garrison.

I shall probably keep the buildings on their own small grey bases, just to provide some contrast, although I may experiment with them on cobblestones as well.


  1. Nice job. I like the stone. It adds another level of "believability" to the scene. (Which IMHO is something we model-gamers are always looking for)

  2. I like the concept - especially leaving the buildings 'on table' for the garrison mode. I daresay the cobblestone base still marks the substantive built up area; attacking columns in contact with the buildings held to be in contact with the cobblestone area itself (or perhaps the building simply rearranged to accommodate attacking columns - especially those that don't quite reach the BUA itself.


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