Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Fokker Scourge

I did some more work on my scratchbuilt 1/600th WW1 aircraft today. I have now painted the Fokker EIIIs (having assembled them after taking the pictures I posted yesterday), and have nearly finished the BE2s - just the roundels to do.

Here's the Fokkers. The Be2s are in the background:

Those are centimetre squares on the cutting board; the EIIIs are about 15mm long. I need to texture and paint the bases, of course.

In addition I painted the camouflage pattern on my Friedrichschafen bombers:

Took me about 20 minutes, once I'd worked out the pattern.  Theses bombers, and the Handley-Pages, will be the next thing I finish off I think.

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