Friday, 18 January 2013

More Maurice

A short Gong Garage Gamers report this week. We played Maurice, and whilst we all remembered to bring the figures we were supposed to bring, everyone assumed that someone else was bringing a ground-cloth and terrain.

So we fought a battle on a bare (snowy, we'll call it) battlefield, in which the Duchy of Sans-Couleur faced an alliance of Riskovian, Tea State and Albion troops.

Here's the set-up:

We had a good plan, which I threw out of the window in order to exploit a short-term opportunity. From that point on we were doomed. I was also given command  of cavalry. Bad move. The red mist descended and I just charged what was in front of me. We soon no longer had any cavalry:

We conceded.

Note that I still haven't painted my figures. One day ...


  1. No paint job will ever do those hideous pink and yellow things justice. I really do like them the way they are!

  2. This post is most timely given the snowfall in dear old Blighty.

    BTW as much as I enjoy your Maurice battle reports I have to say MOHH-REEES before reading. Every time.

    1. The day after this game we recorded not snow but our city's highest ever temperature - 46C


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