Friday, 11 January 2013

The Scottish Play

Another golden-oldie from The Stronghold, reproduced by special request.

Is this a deep-fried Mars Bar which I see before me?
These lists are based on a throwaway comment in a 'Miniature Wargames' article on the army of Macbeth concerning the use of three witches as a 'fantasy' element. Inspired by this I thought that the story of Macbeth was worthy of a HOTT list or two, being folklore and all that.

I am hampered in my composition of this list by the fact that I am not entirely familiar with Shakespeare's play, having managed to studiously avoid him at school. It is based on a general awareness of the elements of the story, the fact that I saw a performance at the Leicester Haymarket some twenty years ago (Colin Baker played Macduff and it had buckets of blood) and some books and plays based on it. These include Terry Pratchett's 'Wyrd Sisters', a Thurber short story, a play in the 'Farndale Avenue' series and another play with the title 'Elsie and Norm's Macbeth'. You can see what level of research we are dealing with here. The 'normal' elements are based on the WRG Pre-Feudal Scottish army lists for DBA and DBM so are on more solid ground.


Macbeth accompanied by Lady Macbeth1 x Hero General @ 4AP4
Three Witches with Cauldron1 x Magician @ 4AP4
Murderers1 x Sneaker @ 3AP3
Thegns on foot2 x Warband @ 2AP4
Mounted Thegns1 x Riders @ 2AP2
Spearmen3 x Spears @ 2AP6
Lesser Foot1 x Horde @ 1AP1
Stronghold: A Castle (Dunsinane)


Macduff1 x Hero General @ 4AP4
Banquo's Ghost1 x Sneaker @ 3AP3
Burnham Wood1 x Lurker @ 1AP1
Thegns on foot2 x Warband @ 2AP2
Spearmen3 x Spears @ 2AP6
Cavalry1 x Rider @ 2AP2
Norwegian Allies2 x Blades @ 2AP4
Stronghold: A Castle or the Remains of Birnham Wood

A game of HOTT is about to be rudely interrupted

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