Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Return To The Battle Of Pook's Hill

Bob Cordery has published a draft set of Portable Wargame for ancients, despite not being a fan of the period. He gave it an initial test using figures from Lord of the Rings Risk - The Battle of Pook's Hill. Since his choice (such that it was) of figures pushed the battle into the realms of fantasy, it seemed obvious to me that it should have been run as a HOTT game instead (my choice of rules anyway when I want to scratch my ancients itch).

So here are HOTT lists for Bob's ancient/medieval imagi-nations.

The battle itself is obviously (intentionally or otherwise) a refight of Hastings. And here it is, in a photo thieved from Bob's blog:

The King of Redia

The army is just a load of spear-armed infantry.

1 x Spear General (The King of redia and bodyguard)
11 x Spears
Stronghold: A portable village (for a portable wargame)


The Duke Of Yellovia

This army is an equal mix of heavy cavalry, light cavalry, spearmen and archers. So, easy enough to do in HOTT. Assuming that the battle is based on Hastings I have assumed that the Duke is with the heavy cavalry.

1 x Knight General (The Duke and his cronies)
2 x Knights (Men at arms)
3 x Riders (Light cavalry)
3 x Spears (Foot soldiers)
3 x Shooters (Archers)
Stronghold: A portable castle.

So, there we go. In this case I have to say why Portable Wargame when you have HOTT? :)


  1. It does feel right that the Duke would field MEAN-at-Arms...

    1. I don't know what you mean :)

      (Perils of typing at {cough} work

  2. I like it ... and especially the comment about the village!

    A re-fight of Hastings? Well what would expect from someone who has a Norman-French surname and whose ancestral DNA is pure Saxon (from Fresia, to be exact).

    All the best,



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