Friday, 12 July 2019

Night Of The Ceidonians

Geoff and I played HOTT last night. He took the generic medieval Ceidonians, with their slightly ahistorical steam-tank. In the first game I took Sundiata's Malians. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Basically I lost after Sundiata charged into the enemy at the head of his light cavalry, then got surrounded.

In the second game I took the Tuatha De Danaan, hoping two heroes would succeed where one failed in the previous game.

They didn't Geoff destroyed me with no loss. I switched my warband from one flank to the other, where they were destroyed by the Ceidonian archers, who then rolled up my flank whilst the tank pinned my army to the front.

So, a good night for Geoff and the Ceidonians, and a bad night for everyone else.

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