Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Burlesque Update #8

So I'm currently back to my normal Thursday evening wargaming, and that means you've been getting regular game reports instead of updates on my burlesque shenanigans. However I promised one last post with some proper photos take during the actual shows. And here they are. All pictures are by Stuart Bucknell Photography.

Firstly some shots of the group performance.

And then, what you've all been waiting for - Isadora Persano in all her solo glory!


What of the future? Well, I have applied for a couple of  the regular shows up in Sydney; they are both well-known for giving novice performers a chance on stage, and in fact I took part in both of them last year when our school did our first group performance. In addition I will be performing my act at a couple of local events - a variety evening as part of a local arts festival in September, and also a fundraiser for a local community space in just over a week. In addition I have the beginnings of  second solo act - I know how I want it to look, have found some suitable music and have got or started planning the various costume elements. It seems likely that there will be another mentoring course, and I will develop it as part of that, hopefully for performance around October or November this year.

Until then, I return you to your regularly scheduled gaming content.


  1. Ha! Fantastic!

    My partner, Amanda, has been doing burlesque for a couple of years now and participated in a few variety shows with the Rosebud Burlesque Club here in Saskatoon.

    This year Saskatoon is hosting it's first ever Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival in October. There's quite the line-up of performers (Amanda is on of the stage kittens/maids this year).

    Hopefully it will be a huge success and there will be a "second annual" (and third... and fourth...). Perhaps we'll even see Isadora Persano gracing the stage of the Broadway Theatre in at some point in the future! (know that if you ever did, you'd have a place to crash here - and possibly even get some gaming in!)

    1. Why thank you! Gaming and burlesque is certainly a very tempting offer.

      Love the look of the festival. Please tell me that Amanda is the kitten who goes by the magnificent name 'Titty McFunbags' :-D

    2. No, her stage name is Lucy Dickhardo...

    3. That's still nearly as awesome :)

      We actually did a class the other week, part of which covered the process of creating your stage persona, including your name. And registering it as well.


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