Sunday, 21 July 2019

Eggs For Breakfast

I played a second game of  'Dragon Rampant' in which post-Poltava Swedish fugitives faced dinosaurs in a lost Ukrainian valley. This valley had a Mayan step-pyramid in it. Because ... why not?

Anyway, to set the scene, the Swedes have lifted a ton of dinosaur eggs from the creatures' nesting site and are transporting them back to their camp for breakfast. The dinosaur pack is not happy abut this.

Two dinosaurs are already blocking the Swede's path. Others are on their way.

Dinosaurs are terribly impetuous, and haven't mastered the tactics of dealing with formed pikemen. This one charged one of the Swedish pike units again and again, until it looked like a sieve. A dead sieve. The pikemen were scattered as well, though.

The Swedes pushed slowly forward, as more of the dinosaur pack appeared.

The Swedish cavalry charged forward to clear the way, able to meet the monsters' charge head on with a charge of their own.

The Swedes continued to advance.

As mentioned above, one pike unit succumbed to the attacks mounted on it, but felled one of the beasts as well.

Cavalry charge the pack leader.

The Swedish officer's unit collected the eggs dropped by the destroyed unit before any of the dinosaurs could rescue them.

The Swedes were surrounded, and looked to be in trouble, but to be honest they weren't. The dinosaurs were getting extremely wobbly by this stage.

A volley of musketry injured one dinosaur so badly that its charge was completely blunted. It was bayoneted by the musketeers.

The loss of that beast caused the rest of the pack to flee the field, leaving only the pack leader, who was badly injured.Another win for the Swedes.

The scenario was the same one we played on Thursday, with Blu Tak eggs taking the place of plastic counter cattle. The terrain was randomised, and all of the really nasty stuff was down one flank, allowing the Swedes to avoid it, Had they had to run a different way across the table, I think the better rough going capabilities of the warbeasts would have given the dinosaurs a lot more of a chance. As it was they were caught in the open by cavalry and also forced into charging formed pike units. That was never going to end well.

I think that, for now, I have sated my Swedes vs Dinosaurs obsession.

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  1. Sorry, but you can never have enough Swedes vs Dinosaurs.


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