Monday, 4 July 2016

Captain UK and Captain America in "Sow The Wind ..."

Because You Demanded It!
Captain UK Stands Alone!*

But those that sow the wind must reap ... The Whirlwind!

Fortunately on this special day, Captain America is able to lend a hand. But he has a mission of his own. A insane character, with floppy hair and presidential ambitions, has appeared; so strange he could only be from another universe.

Yes, The Joker! And he's ready to play his trump card!

Together they are teamed up against our heroes.

But what is at stake? Well, in one of those crates is enough money -  £350 million in fact - to build an insane man's presidential dreams. Or to build a hospital for poor, sick orphans.

Captain UK flew towards the middle crate, whilst Whirlwind used his superspeed to get him there first.

Captain America and The Joker were not as fast, but both headed for the same crate.

The Joker got to it first, and struck lucky! It was the right one.

Whirlwind rushed to attack Captain UK ...

... but she fought of his assault and sent him flying, with a couple of hits for good measure.

She then moved to block The Joker's escape.

Captain America moved up and threw his shield, but The Joker's unpredictable movement threw his aim off.

The next round saw both sides draw a Joker which, in the current version of the rules, allows them to give one of their activated characters an extra action or move.

The Joker used smoke bombs to distract Captain UK ...

... and the extra action to make good his escape.

But Captain America's aim was true this time. The Joker managed to evade the first attack, but a second throw hurt him badly.

This gave Captain UK time to escape the smoke and block him again.

But Whirlwind swept into the attack, and rained a hail of blows at Captain America ...

... who fell! And on his national day. Disaster!

Meanwhile The Joker confused Captain UK again, and escaped in more smoke.

A pattern was developing; Captain UK would move to block The Joker, who would then outwit her, and escape in more smoke. And meanwhile Whirlwind was coming up to support his ally. Both villains were on their last hit, but Captain UK was struggling to even make an attack, let alone score any damage.

The Joker slipped away again.

And Captain UK moved in pursuit ... again.

The Joker had nearly escaped. Captain UK got the chance for an attack, but The Joker confused her, and she launched it at Whirlwind instead. he survived, but was knocked flying again.

But the distraction was enough for The Joker to escape, and begin his insane presidential campaign.

Captain UK was left alone, defeated, and without the promised hospital money. Those poor, sick orphans.

The Clobberin' Time character stats were:

Captain UK - Flight +3", Strength, Block
Captain America - Martial Arts, Ranged Attack (M), Tactics

The Joker - Outwit (M), Misdirect, Hinder (S), Weak Ranged Attack (S)
Whirlwind - Superleap, Superspeed

I realised afterwards I should probably have given Captain America a Block ability as well, although his defence rolls against the final two attacks that Whirlwind launched at him were so abysmal that it wouldn't have mattered. Also I forgot to apply knockback a couple of times.

The Joker's Outwit ability was very useful, pretty much stopping Captain UK from achieving anything at all. I think I might amend it so that it requires an opposed roll to work, rather than just being automatic. Against Captain America it was particularly nasty, as his Tactics allowed him to redraw activation cards (to get higher ones, obviously), which The Joker then just stole off him in order to act first.

Still, it was a fun, if rather short, game, and was useful from a rules testing point of view in a number of areas.

*Well, 52% of you. But that's considered an overwhelming majority, these days. 


  1. Looks like a fun game and a narrative that made me smile this morning - was the money ever in the crate?

    1. I suspect that the money was a great big, bus-sized, porky-pie. Catain UK has actually been quoted since as saying there never was any money; it was all about beating up people coming here from other universes.

      Then she claimed she'd actually won, and resigned.

    2. Bwahahaha this is brilliant! The Joker has been joined once again by The Toad who also resigned after succeeding in the destruction of the "free lands" so much for believing in the cause...

  2. Absolutely fantastic, Kaptain! Political satire, some terrible (but very funny) jokes, a Clobberin' Time batrep and the defeat of the 'allies' by an insane clown and a man with a coal scuttle on his head. This made me laugh - shame they don't do a Heroclix Mad Thinker, as his resemblance to a certain ex-Mayor of London is uncanny...

    1. I have an Awesome Android, so a Mad Thinker figure is a must. He looks fairly easy to convert if there isn't an official figure :)


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