Saturday, 2 July 2016


Over the past couple of years I've bought a few Reaper Bones miniatures when I've been to shows, and they've then sat in the unpainted 'lead' pile. So I painted one yesterday - the cybernetic Ape-X!

This is a nice, versatile figure, as it scales just as well for skirmishes ...

... as it does for giant monsters.

And the Reaper plastic was no harder to work with than metal. I undercoated it straight out of the box and, once it was dry, was able to get started with no issues at all.


  1. that is a great model, I've looked at him a few time on the net, but he looks a lot more impressive when you can scale him next to a 28mm fig (and Godzilla of course).Oh well another one on the wish list!

    Cheers (I think) Roger.

    1. And the Reaper Bones figures are so cheap too :)


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