Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Mighty Elves Of Mantic

I played three games of HOTT tonight, using my 28mm Morally Ambiguous Mighty Elves of Mantic. These are mostly Spears and Shooters, but in the first game I fielded a Magician as well, and in the other two added a Hero to the mix.

In the first game I played against Geoff's Dark Elves. Geoff looks baffled in this picture.

The battle was a fairly straight head-to-head fight in which by dint of good combat rolls I cut my way through his army to pick up a fairly convincing win.

Geoff swapped to some Nicer Elves, with Warband, Knights and Shooters.

His knights charged my archers. This never goes well in HOTT. Every last Knight was destroyed, and Geoff conceded the game.

Finally I played against John's Riders of Rohan. I did well at the start, almost wiping out his spear-line.

Then my PIPs dried up, and with an exposed flank my line was rolled up as I tried push forward and inflict kills faster than my army was disintegrating. I didn't.

These were my first HOTT games of the year, and first for a couple of months actually.


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