Saturday, 24 January 2015

Stalin vs Hitler

I used a number of things as inspiration for my Weird WWII HOTT armies, and one of them was a Russian comic-strip by Alexey Lipatov I came across back in the early days of my surfing the 'net, featuring an epic super-powered battle between Hitler and Stalin.

The pictures themselves were enough to give me the idea of Stalin and Hitler as the actual army generals, and of fielding Hitler as a dark magician, but I'd never read the dialogue, because it was in Russian and my Russian is limited to 'please', 'thank you' and asking for directions.

Time has moved on, and it appears that some years ago people translated the words and re-lettered the comic. Here are the first three panels:

You can read the rest HERE

There's a lot to enjoy in it, but I love the fact that Stalin sounds like Sean Connery.

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