Monday, 22 December 2014

Army Showcase - Horrors of the Dreamtime

In my previous post I looked at my Australian Aboriginal army for HOTT. A couple of years after I built that army I finally completed their opponents, the Horrors of the Dreamtime. This army is a mixed bag of nasties from various myths and legends, under the control of the evil god Marmoo.

Here is the army.

It is made up as follows:

1 x Flier General (Marmoo, The Evil One)
1 x Behemoth (The Wulgaru)
1 x Behemoth (The Great Whowhie of the Murray River)
1 x Magician (Goose Women)
1 x Beast (Cheerooneer)
1 x Beast (The Terrible Old Woman and Her Dogs)
1 x Lurker (Yara-ma-yha-who)
1 x Water Lurker (The Bunyip)
4 x Hordes (Insect Plague)
Stronghold: A sacred site (the same stronghold the other army uses in fact; only one of them needs it at a time.)

The Wulgaru was an attempt by a wirinun to make a man from rocks, stones and paint. In the story his creation runs amok. It's also only man-sized. When I tried to model one I got carried away and produced one that scales to 20' tall. The model is made from twigs, stones and paint - just like the real thing.

The Goose Women were evil witches who beset a hero in one story. They are naked women from Museum Miniatures, with geese, also from Museum Miniatures.

The Great Whowhie should have six legs, but who's counting. It was a giant lizard/crocodile monster which terrorised an area until defeated by an alliance of tribes. My model is a plastic lizard toy (a blue-tongued skink I think) with a new paint-job.

Marmoo, the Evil One, is the source and perpetrator of all kinds of bad things in various legends and stories. Whilst he could be classed as a God, I didn't have the points and neither could he then be the general. So he's a Flier instead. He's a Feudal Castings warrior, representing his human form, along with a GW bat above a scratchbuilt dead tree.

The Yara-ma-yha-who are blood-sucking monsters who lie in wait for the unwary, described as small red men with big heads. These GW Warmaser trolls seemed just perfect.

GW also provided the figure from my Bunyip water monster, from their Man O'War sea-monsters range.

Cheerooneer was a dog-headed man who terrorised tribes with his pack of dogs. The Terrible Old Woman did much the same. Together they make a nice pair of Beast elements. The dogs are all Pendraken, I think, whilst the humanoid figures are Feudal Castings and Chariot. The Feudal Castings warrior has a Peter Pig wolf-head. If you've not checked out Peter Pigs head range, you should.

One of Marmoo's evil plans was to flood the world with bugs. Lots and lots of bugs, insects and creeping things. Hordes galore.

They are made up of various figures from manufacturers I forget, although I think that this glorious spider is from Copplestone Castings.

The beetles are lentils and the butterflies scratchbuilt from paper.

As a HOTT army this is pretty rubbish, with only the Behemoths providing any strength and too many other bits and pieces to make co-ordination easy. The Flier general is a bit isolated with no other aerials, and vulnerable to an army that is strong in its own aerials - including the Aboriginal army it's designed to fight. One day I shall rework it to make it a more viable opponent, but the trick is to do it without affecting its current good looks and charm.


  1. Very impressive once again, so many creative and so many beautiful details!

  2. Yeah, that army is heavy on the good looks and charm. Awesome stuff, K.K.

  3. That is a great Army and very inspiring

  4. Magnificent! And your innovative use of food items continues to amaze me. Lentil bugs - pure genius!


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