Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Is Coming

So, what game-related goodies do you have coming from Father Christmas this year?

After reading a number of favourable reviews and knowing that it plays to my desire for quick, simple games, I'm getting a copy of Neil Thomas' 'One Hour Wargames'. I'm hoping it lives up to expectations, but even if it doesn't I'll have something to read whilst the roast is cooking.

I also have some Napoleonic ships on the way from Navwar. My recent games, and rebasing, have given me a chance to evaluate my collection and I have highlighted a few gaps, mostly in the area of frigates, although my French are also short of 74s. So I braved Navwar's archaic, paper and post order system, and bought some goodies from the UK. Unfortunately they will probably arrive as rapidly as the full-sized vessels took to get from there to Australia. I can't see them dropping anchor under our Christmas tree ready for the big day.

Of course there may also be game-related surprises on the way, but I doubt it. Our family has reached the stage where we pretty much organise our own presents now, with a few minor surprises thrown in just to make the whole thing worthwhile.

I plan to fit in some games over the next few days though. Once my wife's birthday (Christmas Eve) and the main day are out of the way.

How about you? How gamey is your Christmas?

I leave you with the current state of our nativity scene.

We have a Lego Star Wars advent calendar this year. Can you tell?


  1. Great blog -- Really excellent minis here!

    For Christmas gaming? I plan to paint some Napoleonic Austrians and/or British.

  2. I'm making one last push to complete paint and landscape projects. The weekend after January 1st, the table gets cleaned off for some 2015 gaming. I've looked up and realized that I've spent to much time painting and building "stuff" that there hasn't been much actual playing in a long time. It's time to pull out the armies of Risk soldiers and Viktory II ships that I bought on the cheap and painted, and do something with them.

  3. I have the OHW book already.

    It is a nice enough book in its own write and if you are genuinely starved of time for gaming the rules are very playable.

    The icing on the cake is that the scenarios are easily transferable to other rulesets.

  4. I look forward to reading what you think of OHW. I am in need of games I can play at the club.

    Meanwhile, it's on, on, on with Napoleonics, getting reading for Waterloo 2015.

    Great blog. All the best for 2015.

  5. I just got OHW for my birthday (64--yuck). The rules are good, but I will make a few changes. Hey, I'm a gamer, what else is new? For instance, he has the range for smoothbore muskets the same as for rifled muskets. Aside from making the rules too similar for different periods, it ignores the huge difference this made in warfare after 1850 or so. So I am doubling rifle range to 24" and see how this works out.

    Anyway, happy holidays. Youyr blog is always a joy to read.


  6. Merry Christmas, Kaptain!
    I'm planning an rpg adventure in the weekend using Dragon Warriors rules.



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