Friday, 2 May 2014

HOTT Thursday

We had a good turn-out last night for an evening of HOTT (although Raph, Caesar and Austin were involved in a Super-Secret project instead).

I had my Irish, Chinese and Epic Malians with me. Peter brought a variety of ancient and medieval-themed armies.

I umpired Ulli and Theo in their first ever HOTT game. Theo led the Irish to victory over the Malians, in a battle fought between two areas of bad going.

Meanwhile Dave used the Chinese, with their two dragons, against some Romans. I'm not sure what the result was here.

Dragons vs Artillery - its going to be bad for someone ...

... maybe even both sides.

I then taught Marco how to play, in another Malian vs Irish game.

Meanwhile Peter and Theo played a close game with a couple of medieval armies.

Marco was enjoying himself. A third game started up in the background ...

... between Dave and Ulli.

Again, I don't know who won in Pete's game, but this looks like the end for someone.

Meanwhile the Malians survived the loss of Sundiata and an attack on their stronghold to just clinch a victory - their first. Their Spears recoiled the enemy Magician through some of his own troops (OK) but just clipping one of their own elements (not so OK).

I forgot my phone, so Peter took these photos. That's why I'm actually in a couple of them.


  1. Yes a busy evening indeed - and I think I may be able to recruit yet another new member who hails from Albion Park - we are going from strenght to strength!


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