Friday, 23 May 2014

Another Night Of Gaming In Wollongong

Four games on the go this week - two games of HOTT, one of Bolt Action and one of ... well, I can't say. If I did, I'd have to kill you, and neither of us wants that.

Bolt Action action.

Cei and Marco play HOTT. Cei was using my Alice in Wonderland army, whilst Marco was using my Australian Aboriginal force. Marco won a fairly decisive victory.

They played another game, with Marco keeping the Aborigines, but Cei switching to (and attacking with) the Boxer Rebellion Foreign Devils.

I don't know who won the second game; they played, packed up and went off clubbing afterwards. The stamina of youth ... *

I played a game against Peter, using the Chinese (with two dragons) against a Roman force.

I lost, when my general got backed up into my other chariot. I even had a dragon shot down by artillery.

I think we're playing Longstreet next week.

*Cei got home at 3am. I found this out via Facebook.


  1. Looks like you guys have a pretty sweet set up in Wollongong. It's no wonder you can play all the way into the night, and with multiple tables going on at the same time... It's a students' classroom at the university is it?

    1. we hardly play into the night - we're packed up by 11pm at the absolute latest :) The role-players in the next-door room go on quite late though, I think.

      And, yes, it's one of the engineering classrooms we use.


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