Thursday, 3 October 2013

Preparing For MOAB - Part 3

Catherine, Cei and Maya came along to our club night this evening, so they could refine their HOTT skills ready for the MOAB tournament on Monday.

Cei and Maya played each other, each using one army from their chosen matched-pair.

Catherine used her matched-pair against Geoff.

Caesar had brought along a really interesting combination of troops, and I played against him. However the armies were not only interesting but unbalanced, so we had a second game after making some adjustments. His combination has some interesting bits in it, not usually seen in a tournament environment. And that's the strength of a matched-pair setup.

More games. Peter played Geoff, trying out his mostly historical combination. Then he used Maya's pair, and was soundly beaten - the Halloween Hordes triumphed again. Meanwhile Cei used Redwall to defeat Catherine.

Everyone got at least two games, with at least one, if not both, components of their pair. I think we're mostly ready for Monday, once I've drawn up some playsheets and army rosters.

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