Friday, 18 October 2013

Epic Scale HOTT

No, not HOTT with Epic 40K figures (although you know that's a regular thing here). This is HOTT with 15mm figures based on the frontages for 25mm - a 60mm wide base. More width and depth means more figures on the base. And they look amazing.

That's what Geoff and I played last night; a 72AP game with Da Vinci Italians facing a Greek Mythological army. This isn't a long report, as I didn't take photos following the curse of the game. I had the Italians, and Geoff took the Greeks. We bashed away at each other for quite a while,  trying to make a breakthrough and cursed on one flank by a mutual lack of PIPs. Then our respective Spear lines met in the centre. Geoff slipped a Flyer into the rear of my CinC to block his retreat, and that was it - my losses were greater than his, so it was the end of the game.

Here's some pictures.

The armies setup up and ready to go.

My right flank - Knights, light cavalry and tanks.

Spears in the centre.

My airforce - two Flyers support and Airboat. Lack of PIPs kept them inactive for most of the game.

The tanks and Knights move up.

Geoff's largest Leonardo tank is a work of art.

Update: I forgot to mention that all of the figures are Geoff's

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  1. Great looking game.I especially like the flyers,airboats and tanks & the basing is most pleasing!


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