Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Preparing For MOAB - Part 2

Cei picked his armies for the MOAB matched-pair tournament tonight - the Medieval Ceidonians and some very mobile Dwarves. So we played a game, just to remind him of the rules.

Cei took the Dwarves. Here he is remembering how to use a measuring stick.

We went for imaginative tactics - a general advance. My Shooters cut down one of his Riders.

My Behemoth steam-tank ploughed forward.

And so did my Knight general - into a fatal overlap.

Losses were even, so I kept fighting. But I had to fend off a Warband charge against my Spears.

And Riders were harassing my Shooters. All Cei had to do was kill one element. And he couldn't do it, because I rolled - wait for it - six consecutive sixes in combat! And I didn't manage to kill anything, because he didn't roll less than a four in them either ...

Eventually I did kill something else - another Rider was shot down. But on the same bound the Warband went in against the Spears once more, and destroyed both of them, to give Cei the game.

The battlefield at the end. My losses were a Knight general and two Spears. Cei lost two Riders.


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  1. What was Cei's punishment for beating "dear old dad"?


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