Monday, 14 October 2013

Epona's Great Big Grassy Mound

Sometimes you hang onto random things you buy at wargames shows just because you know that one day you'll use them ...

I have no idea who makes this small resin hill with a white horse carved into it, but it's now part of my course- and lap-tracking tool for Celtic chariot racing. The small object on the bottom left is a 6mm horseman (whose base needs doing) which will act to indicate where on the track the chariots are. On the right-hand side you can see dots I can use to record the lap (One, Two and Three). The hill was mounted on a balsa base textured with sand, and then painted in various shades of green after having the corners rounded off. I scraped the markings into the sand and then painted them, and the horse, in my best white paint. Easy.

1 comment:

  1. That things is awesome. Just don't dig into it - you never know what sort of curse you'll unleash when it comes to these old burial mounds.


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