Friday, 19 April 2013

wot i done on my easter holidayz

I'm back! Did you miss me?

I have just returned from three days at the lovely Wombeyan Caves, which are about three hours' drive from where I live. So fairly local, really. We rented a cottage because three days is too short a time for us to mess around with camping.

We whiled away our time with bush-walks and trips to museums, which is pretty much standard fare for our holidays. The forecast rain never materialised, so we got out and about as much as we could, but the dark evenings were spent playing games, and that's really what you're here for. So here they are.

We played Caracassonne.

We play with limited expansions - Inns and Cathedrals, plus the King and Robber Baron rules. It was the later that gave Maya her victory; she took both roles early on, then completed lots of small cities and short roads to up her final points. This pushed her just ahead of me.

We played Quirks.

Maya made an Owl-bear.

She also made a creature with tentacles and an electric shock, but we'd seen enough Hentai to know where that was likely to go and we quickly made it extinct.

I won this game - Catherine was knocked out and the removal of her Quirks left an easily filled Herbivore slot. Then all I had to do was challenge Cei for top Carnivore, which I did successfully. I maintained the top Plant slot against all-comers for the whole game.

We played Trias.

Here's Pangea at the start of the game.

And again about halfway through.

Finally, the end.

Catherine, Maya and I squabbled over four of the continents at in the upper part of the picture. Cei just sat tight on the other two, and won, although it was a very close game with three points separating the top three players. I came a distant fourth.

Catherine and Maya spent a lot of time playing a new PC puzzle-adventure game they have downloaded, whilst Cei played Dawn of War and designed jingles for his radio show:

The modern family on holiday ...

I read some Richard Dawkins ('The Ancestor's Tale') but also dabbled in a little Clobberin' Time - DC heroes faced Marvel villains.

Batman and The Hobgoblin:

Robin and The Constrictor:

The Green Arrow and Blizzard:

Finally The Phantom Lady and Mysterio:

Batman and The Hobgoblin again - Batman eventually prevailed.

A chaotic fight in the centre. Eventually The Green Arrow got the objective and escaped with it, but the villains' pursuit was close and almost successful.

Note the $1 toy cars I now have. Next on the shopping list are some cheap gift boxes that I can convert into simple buildings.

So that was my holiday, minus the non-gaming bits. Those will be on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr once I've done the photo-editing.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday. All the games looked good but I'm most intrigued by Trias. Off to look it up.

    1. It's not a game I play a lot, but it is fun occasionally. Carcassonne, even with the limited expansions we use, has a greater immediate replay value. Quirks is fun but silly. But it is probably over ten years since I last played it - Catherine doesn't recall ever having played it, and we've been together for over 20 years.


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