Monday, 1 April 2013

Work In Progress

I sorted out my Heroclix figures last night as the boxes contained a pile of duplicates. Now for henchmen and the like this is OK, and I don't mind having variants of some characters. But five Sabretooth figures in the same pose seemed excessive, for example.

Anyway, I had a spare Harpoon figure, so I decided to have a go at a little conversion project. I'm not sure how well it's going to work out, but there's a Marvel No-Prize up for grabs if you can work out which Marvel character Harpoon is being converted into:

The right hand (or pincer) isn't connected yet, and I have a little bit of putty work to do on the rather unusual feet. I haven't quite worked out how to do the head yet, especially the 'face' - I may try and work with the existing one, or I may lop it off and build a completely new one from modelling putty. Then it's just a matter of adding suitable trimming,  a simple paint-job, and I'm done.


  1. I'm going with Jack Klevano (Cancer) from Zodiac.

    1. I'm afraid that is the *wrong* answer :)


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