Friday, 22 June 2012

Gong Gamers - DBM And HOTT

Despite a major local traffic incident six of us eventually managed to get ourselves to the University for another Thursday evening of gaming.

Geoff and Peter played DBM, with what looked like Medieval Italian armies:

The rest of us played 36AP HOTT. When I arrived there was already a game in progress, but I didn't get any pictures. The second set of games saw Caesar's Myceneans against John's Arabs (both with the obligatory fantasy additions):

Meanwhile I used the Weird Reich against Dave, who was using more of Caesar's Myceneans, again with various fantasy additions.

Some heroic Harpy Lurkers held up my right flank for most of the game.

Meanwhile Behemoths ruled the centre, although the Myceneans fell foul of Adolf's dark sorcery as well. The Weird Reich lost their Warband strike-force early on, but killed the Mycenean CinC. From then on it was just a matter of totting up kills until those of the Myceneans exceeded those of the Reich. Which, eventually, they did.

36AP made for some interesting games; none of us had tried it before. I might post some thoughts on it in a later post.


  1. 36AP gave more of a big battle feel which I liked without much more game length (though it was longer). I think the free general (and attached group) gave a good balance of pips because a single 36AP command gets pretty strung out. I noticed command radius and the effects of terrain were more crucial than a standard 24AP game. Highly recommended!

    1. Clarification, should be: "I think the free general (and attached group)" MOVE "gave a good balance of pips.."

  2. Did you expand the size of the battle area or was it still 2ft x 2ft?

    I've only ever played HOTT at 24AP or 72AP. I've often wondered how 36 and 48 would play.

  3. For 48AP we play on a 3' x 2' board (3600p x 2400p). 72AP uses a 4' x 2' (4800p x 2400p). When we played 96AP, though, we just used a full table - 6' x 2'. The rule of thumb seems to be to add 2400p of width for every 24AP of troops after the first 24AP.

    In HOTT width is less important than depth.


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