Sunday, 4 March 2012

Painting In Progress - 04/03/2012

A shot of the in-progress general's element for my Weird World War II American HOTT army:

Hints of some of the other elements can be seen beyond the general. I'll leave you to work out what they may be.


  1. Is that Gen. Stuart with a Stuart tank in the background? You're using The Haunted Tank from DC Comics as one of your elements!

    And is the blue guy Captain America? Maybe with the Howling Commandos to the left--or is that Sgt. Rock and Easy Company?

    Cool concept for an army. Are you planning on a Japanese force as well?

  2. Yes, you;re basically right on all counts - the army is very much based on a Hollywood/comic-book mythology.

    I already have a German and Soviet army, so Japanese is a possibility, but I haven't worked out a good mythology 'hook' to base it on. My first step is to look at contemporary propaganda posters.

    I am considering a British army, once I can sort out a figure for Churchill toting a Tommy Gun :)

  3. British Army? Maximan. That's it.

    For the Japanese you want giant robots.

    Have a look on You Tube for an animated video called Code Guardian.

  4. "Have a look on You Tube for an animated video called Code Guardian."

    Seen it :)

    I think the British army can probably be built using propaganda of the time, although the Arthurian connection still interests me as well. I'll probably avoid the comic approach for it.

    Again, for the Japanese I will go for a contemporary approach - sadly giant robots weren't part of popular Japanese culture on the 1940s Neither were cute schoolgirls with big guns :)

  5. Maybe you could convert a 1920s/'30s gangster figure into a Tommy-toting prime minister.

    1. I'm not sure that there are many of those in 15mm, sadly.

      One of the spare US infantry figures I have may convert at a pinch.

  6. I would like to comment that the demon/ tank hybrid weren't exactly part of Nazi cultural posters of the time either. I suggested Maximan as you were already up for the idea of Captain America. You could then do Masterman as well and nuke the pair of them.

    You could use Arthur but have a look at Captain Britain and MI13. the first few issues deal with the Skrull invasion of Earth (massive comics crossover). Captain Britain and the British superheroes fight of the Skrulls when Cap opens the doors to the mystic realms and lets all of the old gods and demons into the world to "help". The majority of the story I didn't like but I did enjoy this bit. The next story had Cap and the team going up against one of these entities in Birmingham and the introduction of Captain Midlands.

    1. "I would like to comment that the demon/ tank hybrid weren't exactly part of Nazi cultural posters of the time either"

      True, but Nazi sorcery and weird science are a recognisable trope, as is Captain America (as a representative of American WWII comic heroes generally). One just doesn't associate Britain with comics - unless I find a way to add Korky The Cat or Desperate Dan :)

  7. We could get into a discussion here which would involve some harsh language.

  8. If I was going down the British comics route I'd be looking at including Captain Hurricane instead of Maximan :)

    Comics like that defined WWII for {ahem} my generation. And things like the Commando Picture Library.


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