Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lego Series Seven Minifigs - For Gamers

It will not have escaped your notice that I like Lego. And I always like to keep an eye on forthcoming releases, mostly for the photographic possibilities, but also with a view to other uses as well - like gaming.

The forthcoming set of Lego Collectible Minifigs offer a few possibilities for gamers.

All of the pictures are by WhiteFang (Eurobricks)

First up we have a rather nice Aztec Warrior:

Sadly you'd need a lot of these do a DBA/HOTT army, so you're either looking at getting lucky with your selection of the sealed packets, or wait for a while and resort to the specialist Lego marketplace sites like Bricklink. Actually this holds true for all of the collectible figures ranges; there is a rather nice Roman Legionary in Series 6 for example.

Next up is a Galaxy Patrol officer for sci-fi buffs:

Lego has a good range of sci-fi figures of various races and types, and they would lend themselves very well to a skirmish game setup. There are even companies which produce Lego-compatible accessories for Halo and similar universes.

And let's not forget the Star Wars line; it's certainly viable to get a small skirmish set-up out of them, and at a cost you could even stretch to a couple of HOTT-type armies.

This Valkyrie seems to be operatic rather than combat-orientated, but it's not a major issue and she can always be given a head-swap so she doesn't look like she's singing:

Indeed component swapping is always a possibility for Lego figures used for gaming purposes and could be considered one of their strengths. The only thing to watch for is the colours of the heads/hands; ordinary Lego lines, such as the collectible figures, have yellow as the base flesh colour, whereas ranges based on film or TV licences, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, use flesh. They don't mix well.

On a par with the Valkyrie, for fantasy/medieval skirmish, certainly, is this Evil Knight:

Pretty standard stuff, but useful.

Finally we have the Ocean King:

A perfect God or Water Lurker for a Lego HOTT army, but also a possibility for giant monster gaming as well. 

It's worth looking back through the previous series of Collectible Minifigs for other game-related figures. Readers of this blog will have seen me use a number of figures from past ranges for monster gaming (and I haven't given the Statue of Liberty an outing yet either), but there are numerous space and fantasy figures in the ranges, as well as historical ones such as a Coldstream Guardsman and a Gladiator.

Lego - it's more than just terrain.

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