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Memoir '44 - The Invasion Of Denmark

Memoir '44 - Invasion Of Denmark
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I'm a bit of a fan of Memoir '44. Indeed more than any other game it scratches my WWII itch - I've tried various miniatures rules and, whilst they are fun I never have the desire to amass armies for any particular one. I did dabble with some stuff for 'Rapid Fire' about 15 years ago, but that was about it.

But I bought Memoir '44 a few years ago, and loved it. It's a game rather than a serious simulation, but it's fun gives me a chance to play a range of battles at different scales and in different settings with a minimum of resources. It satisfies me, and that's all you can ask from any game. In one evening, for example, we moved from the streets of Stalingrad to the forts of Eben-Emael via Abyssinia and the deserts of North Africa.

Anyway, I have dabbled with scenarios from time to time, mostly through the editor on the Days Of Wonder site when it was free. At some stage I will shell out the $7 for the downloadable editor, but until then I shall go with what I have.

Anyway, I thought I would share a scenario here.

It's for Operation Weserübung, the German invasion of Denmark in 1940. It is inspired by and, indeed, heavily based on one for the Tac miniatures rules and published in a booklet one author of which was The Land Of Counterpane's very own Richard Crawley.

To be honest whilst the Tac scenario gives a great game every time (and we did it at least twice when I was with the Staines Wargamers) this isn't a great Memoir '44 scenario. But it's an interesting event, and it was fun to try and fit a whole country onto the game board. It is best played twice, with each player seeing how well they can do as the Germans - the Danish player's role is rather static.

It's an odd scenario, with play taking place along the long axis of the board.

You can download the scenario a a PDF HERE.

The picture above shows the initial game set-up. If it resembles your board then you've probably done it right.

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