Friday, 17 February 2012

Download HOTT (Update: You Can't - You Have To Buy It Now)

Version 2.0 of 'Hordes of the Things' is not that easy to get hold of these days. Fortunately WRG have very kindly made it available as a download, with the proviso that you take one copy for personal use only. You can get it, as a PDF, here:

HOTT Version 2.0

UPDATE (06/05/2014) - Link no longer works, since v2.1 of the rules was published.

It is just the rules - the army lists are not included. However some of the lists that were new to the edition can be found here - it's a page from Richard Bodley Scott's personal site which was used as part of the HOTT 1.0 revision process back in 2001:

HOTT 2.0 Proposed Changes And Lists

Finally, there is an unofficial errata for HOTT v2.0 - the changes only apply to army lists:

Page 46
In the Vendhya list alternatives, Behemoths are listed as 3AP. This should be 4AP.

Page 62
The following continues the Munchhausen list:

"himself out of a bog or riding underwater), Beasts (greyhounds) @ 2 AP, Behemoth (the very strong lumberjack) @ 4 AP, Magician (the wind maker) @ 4 AP, Shooter (the sharpshooter) @ 2 AP, Sneaker (the runner) @ 3 AP, Riders (Cossacks) @ 2 AP.

Opponents for von Muenchhausen. Stronghold: Camp.

Blade General (Sultan and bodyguard) @ 2 AP1
Shooters (Janissaries) @ 2 AP4
Riders (Turkish cavalry) @ 2 AP4
Artillery (Turkish cannon) @ 3 AP2

Alternatives: Behemoth (Elephant or mobile siege tower) @ 4 AP."

Update: It has been suggested that I mention the movement change for Shooters and Warband as well. After HOTT 2.0 was published it was felt that Shooters were still over-powered for their 2AP cost, whilst Warband were under-powered. a simple solution was to swap their movement rates - accordingly Shooters now move 200p and Warband move 300p. Note that these changes are not 'official', but seem to be universally accepted and have been used in most major tournaments since about 2004.


  1. I've not played in a few years. What happened to the movement swap between Warband and Shooters that seemed to have near universal acceptance?

  2. I didn't include them here as they are not 'official' as such, but perhaps I should.


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