Thursday, 16 February 2012

Canvas And String

Just to show that I'm not limiting myself to 'Hordes of the Things' here's some pictures of some Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale WW1 aircraft I painted last year. I was prompted to post them by the fact that I'm probably playing with them this coming Friday. You never know - that may mean more pictures.

From Left To Right:
Albatros DV, Halberstadt CLII and Fokker DVII


Halberstadt CLII

Albatros DV

Halberstadt CLII (left) and RE8 (right)

(With some Mantic Elves behind it)
They were fiddly, but fun, to paint. I chose not to use transfers for the markings, so they were time-consuming to do. They look a little ragged close up, but work OK at 'wargames distance'. The most difficult task was coming up with a way of painting the German lozenge camouflage pattern at that scale. I did it by painting the plane in a base colour, then using three other colours to paint a semi-regular, semi-repeating pattern of spots to break it up. Like the markings it looks ragged at close range, but creates the right visual effect at a distance.

(All picture taken by, and copyright, Kaptain Kobold)

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