Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Munera Sine Missione - Final Testing

The update to Munera Sine Missione hasn't been forgotten. Both Victor and I have been busy this past week or so, and we haven't has as much chance to discuss things as we'd like. However the main rules are finalised, bar renaming one of the terms in the game, and the solitaire campaign rules re done. All that's left is some final tweaking to the multi-player campaign system and some confirmation of how one or two of the more exotic weapons will work.

The exotic weapons are ones which will dismay purists, but which are included because of their presence in some popular figure ranges. First up is the cape, which we used to run as a poor-man's net, but which now acts to distract an attacker and improve a lighter gladiator's chance of survival.

The second weapon is the whip, which we used to treat as a lasso (and which is depicted here as one, since I don't have suitable figure) however it's now a weapon in its own right which has little chance of scoring real damage, but can annoy by inflicting critical hits, knocking away weapons or tripping an opponent.

I played some games using both weapons earlier this evening, and they seemed to work OK; not too powerful, but not so weak as to be useless.

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