Friday, 4 May 2018

Let The Feathers Fly

Once again I appear to be the owner of a phone that gives up taking pictures one picture into an evening's gaming. So this is it; the only photo I got of last night's DBA games with Peter.

In both of them I defended with Maya against Aztecs. In both the Maya lost.

In the game pictured, the Maya (bottom) moved forward to try and hit the Aztecs before they could deploy properly, but they were themselves stuck in woods and a gully and weren't moving quickly. My left took out his right, but before I could exploit it, the Aztec hordes in his centre wiped out my centre. He picked up a 4-3 win.

In the second game we were fighting on a near empty field, thanks to some unlucky terrain placement rolls. Peter's best warriors were on his left, and slowly drove mine back, until they hit the gully there, where I was able to turn things around and score some kills. I was also successful killing Aztecs in the centre, but they were worthless hordes. Meanwhile he was slowly totting up kills with his general, and eventually won 4-2. This was a wonderfully scrappy game, with both lines fragmenting due to pursuits fairly rapidly, and a lot of shuffling around in order to regain overlaps or block breakthroughs.

So the Maya have lost all three of their encounters with the Aztecs. Time to think about some cunning plans.


  1. 1st cunning plan: get a new phone!

    1. It *is* a relatively new phone; there's some issue with the power management/battery on it which I need to get sorted.

  2. Pity for the Mayan, they are marvellous looking troops in their feather headgear. How to make all those Auxilia work for them?..


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