Friday, 9 March 2018

The Return of Dr Fu Manchu

So in the past few weeks I have, with the aid of others, come to two conclusions regarding my Fu Manchu's Halls Of Horror scenario for Battlesworn.

The first is that it's tremendous fun.

The second is that it's hideously unbalanced and I doubt SAVE can ever win it.

The first conclusion seems to trump the second for most people. Gary certainly enjoyed himself last night, despite failing to stop the Devil Doctor.

Here's the start.

Initial skirmishes in the hallway of the house saw at least one fighter bogged down for several turns trying to kill a skeleton.

The mummy appeared. Gary did a fairly good job of moving low-grade figures to block reactions from Fu Manchu's minions as he moved the better characters into the house.

The agents of SAVE finally worked their way upstairs, but time was running out. We had a few turns mid-game with tied bids, and they very much favour Fu Manchu who can afford to sit tight and let the clock run. Note to self: Maybe I can change the scenario so that a turn with a tied bid doesn't count against the ticking clock. I'll have to think about that.

As ever, the mighty Baron ended up cursed, and faced the prospect of fighting his way down a landing guarded by a skeleton and Jack The Ripper.

To his credit, he had a good go at it. But his combat rolling was abysmal, even taking the curse into account, and he was quickly killed.

By the time the Baron fell, Fu Manchu was ready to begin his ritual. Gary made a bold effort to get stuff upstairs to stop him, but it wasn't going to happen, and SAVE lost again.

But did I say that we both had fun? Well, we both had fun.

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  1. Don't change a thing!
    Just my opinion, but I had to get that in first :-) "Fun" is the key, and Halls Of Horror delivers in spades - part of the fun comes from battling against the odds, and now, reducing those odds can only result in a 'hollow' victory - just think of the elation in store for the first members of SAVE to actually prevent the ritual!

    Off my soapbox and time to say thanks for yet another enjoyable and inspirational post :-)


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