Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday Dreamtime

I got out my Indigenous Australian matched HOTT armies this morning, since I have been promising myself for ages that I'd try a couple of games and see if the matchup really is as unbalanced as I think it is.

I'm happy with the Heroes of the Dreamtime (shown here). They're a nice mix of warband and flyers, with a single beast and hero in support, and a god and some lurkers waiting in the wings.

The Horrors of the Dreamtime are more of a problem, mostly because they have a single flyer general and no other aerials, making him rather vulnerable, since the opposing army has two flyers and (potentially) a god. Oh, and the hero. The two behemoths are quite dangerous to the opposing warband, it's true, and there's a magician to cause the enemy flyers a few hairy moments, but really it doesn't seem enough. The rest of the army is beasts, hordes and lurkers.

So in the first game the Horrors attacked the Heroes. The Heroes got themselves onto a hill, whilst the Horrors advanced.

The Heroes' god appeared, and immediately attacked the Horrors' general.

The Horrors continued their advance, but the god kept up his attack and killed their general. Game over.

The second game saw the Horrors defending. Both armies ended up fighting a very fragmented battle.

This was due, in part, to the Heroes opting to ignore a frontal assault on the enemy Behemoths (sensible) and send the warbands on a flank march through some woods. Rubbish PIPs meant that the Whowhie was able to move to intercept them.

The Winjarning Brothers, the heroes of the Heroes, rushed to the warriors' aid.

Meanwhile the mighty Wulgaru was having trouble with some domesticated dingoes.

He recoiled into the Goose Women (magician), destroying them.

It was all looking a bit of a mess for the Horrors.

The Horrors got a line together, but the Heroes attacked. The Whowie was driven back by the heroes and ...

... a lucky combat roll saw Marmoo The Evil One killed by some whirlwind-spirits, ending the battle with another defeat for the Horrors.

My conclusion? The Horrors need a rethink. I'm tempted to drop one of the beasts (since they are very similar in background) in favour of a second flyer, and even two of the hordes in favour of a third. This would give the Horrors a decent supported aerial force, albeit one hampered by the PIP costs of having a magician in the same army. I shall have a think about how I want to depict these new elements, and give them  a try. Sometime in the next ten years or so ...


  1. Interesting post Kaptain! Who makes or made the Aboriginal figures? And in what size?

    1. Last time I knew they were made by QRF. They're a slender 15mm. When I bought them you got a good mix of 24 figures, plus some shields.

  2. Very interesting sets of Figures- beautifully painted and very well thought out- well done indeed. Question: Did you refer to books and such for the Aboriginal Mythology for the Humans and Spirit World creatures? I like what you have done- it is a great project and I'm certainly glad you have returned to it all for this assessment of the elements. I'd certainly be proud as punch to own such collections. Cheers. KEV. p.s., I've joined your Site.

    1. Thanks. The first time I ever came to Australia on holiday, I picked up a couple of books of myths and legends compiled by AW Reed, probably around the beginning of the 20th century. Whilst I suspect that they are very dated in their approach, they were good enough for what I wanted to achieve. I also trawled the 'net for extra information.

    2. Thanks for the reply- once again a great project.

  3. What is the Horrors' record against other enemies ?

    1. Not good as I recall. Maybe I should give them another tryout against other foes. I don't do it that often.


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