Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Pagoda of Power

There's this pagoda, see, that has some kind of weird mystical thing going on. The evil Xiliens have mind-controlled Godzilla so that he can destroy the pagoda and release its power.

Only Gamera stands in Godzilla's path.

Gamera jetted into Godzilla's path and unleashed his flame-breath. Godzilla returned fire, but the turtles shell protected him.

Godzilla moved off towards the pagoda, but Gamera intercepted and closed into melee.

A tail sweep from Godzilla hurled Gamera into a forest. Gamera struggled to get back up again, whilst Godzilla closed on the pagoda.

It looked like it was all over, but Godzilla hesitated before the objective (in game terms he blew a complete set of movement activation rolls). This gave Gamera time to close, and the two monsters exchanged more attacks. Both were wounded now.

Godzilla broke free and closed with the pagoda, ready to attack it.

Gamera sidestepped and hurled himself bodily into the big lizard ...

... knocking into some rubble.

This time it was Godzilla who struggled to right himself, but he soon resumed his attack on the pagoda, slamming into Gamera and knocking the turtle flat.

Gamera had used his shell to protect himself, and this cost him some actions, but he made one last attempt to stop Godzilla.

But he was too weakened, and Godzilla evaded him again, and destroyed the pagoda.

Both monsters were gambling against wound dice by the end, but Godzilla was lucky enough not to suffer any serious effects  from failures, whereas Gamera suffered a critical knockdown as well as the loss of a couple of key attacks.

I tried a change to the Shell special ability for this game. In Thursday's game we found it to be quite powerful, so I ruled that each time it was used successfully, Gamera had to lose an action from future activations to 'recover' (similar to one of the mecha damage effects in Samurai Robots Battle Royale). Use it too much, and a whole turn could be lost recovering. It seemed to slow down the turtle just a little, and force a decision as to whether to use the ability a couple of times.

I might try this scenario again with a couple of attackers and defenders

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