Sunday, 1 April 2018

Return To The Pagoda Of Power

As promised I ran the Pagoda of Power game again today, with two monsters against a mech and hero. The giant crab-crature Brutathrax and cyborg giant gorilla Ape-X attacked, with the mech Ronin-X and hero Valiant Monster Fighter defending.

Valiant Monster Fighter flew towards the giant gorilla, who tried a few pot-shots with his giant gun but couldn't penetrate the hero's force-field (the pink counter marks that it's active).

Ronin-X and Brutathrax faced off.

I didn't manage to take that many photos. Ronin-X pushed Brutathrax back, but was savaged by a berserk counter-attack. Ape-X and valiant Monster Fighter also traded blows, with the giant ape coming off far worse.

But, even wounded, the great ape managed to struggle towards the pagoda, and demolished with with a single mighty punch to score a win for the attackers.

If you're interested, here's the stats for everyone involved:

Valiant Monster Fighter (335pts)
Head Q3 C2 Force Field 3, Energy Reflection
Body Q3 C3 Hyperflight
Arms Q2 C3 Martial Arts
Legs Q3 C3

Ronin X (330pts)

Head Q3 C2 Ace Pilot, Armoured Cockpit
Body Q4 C4
Arms Q2 C4 Blade
Legs Q2 C3 Leap, Free Disengage, Difficult Target

Ape-X (335pts)
Head Q3 C2 Fangs, Cunning
Body Q3 C4 Regeneration
Arms Q3 C4 Gun C4L
Legs Q4 C4

Brutathrax (335pts)
Head Q4 C3 Light Armour, Horns
Body Q3 C5 Massive, Heavy Armour
Arms Q3 C3 Claws, Heavy Armour
Legs Q3 C2 Light Armour
Legs Q3 C2 Light Armour

('Cunning' is a new ability; it allows a monster to use reactions like a mecha and tokusatsu hero can, whilst still retaining their berserk capability. Oh yes; we allow tokusatsu heroes to use reactions. It seems sensible since they can't go berserk.)

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