Saturday, 7 April 2018

Black Powder 3-2-1

Caesar got two games on Thursday evening. As well as the Maipo refight, he played Black Powder with Ralph, whilst I watched and took pictures.

This was a Black Powder 3-2-1 game, where both players have six units with fairly generic Napoleonic capabilities - three infantry, two cavalry and one artillery (hence 3-2-1) - on a small table with a simple objective. In this case it was to hold the walled enclosure in the centre of the table at the end of six turns. The enclosure could only be entered by infantry.

Here, Ralph explains to Caesar that, because he's using French, he will win very easily, n'est pas?

So, anyway, I flitted around taking pictures. I've just done a basic photography course, so I'm now trying to use my camera with all of the settings on manual. Please excuse any dubious pictures that resulted because of this.

To be honest I hadn't planned to write a blow-by-blow account of the action. It was Black Powder. Units whizzed around all over the place (well, the cavalry did). It was a wild adventure. But, basically, Caesar got some troops into the enclosure, who held it for most of the game whilst everything else went pear-shaped around them. They were routed out by artillery fire on the penultimate turn, but he managed to get one of his surviving infantry units into the enclosure to replace them, and Ralph completely failed to mount a last turn attack to oust them

So, simply enjoy these photos of two Black Powder players at the top of their game, and some beautiful 25mm figures.


  1. I like that idea of small force and central objective with BP. Nice photo's also.

  2. +1 all to often our forces get too large for the time frame we have to play in.

  3. Can you let me have some more info about this as I’m planning some Zulu War Black Powder later this year and think it could be usable.

    1. I'll try and find the scenarios. The rest of it is just Black Powder on a 4' x 4' table with minimal special rules on the units.

  4. The Compleat Brigadier rules from the 80s used 4 Line Infantry battalions, 1 Light infantry Battalion (Line in the later periods like ACW), 1 Cavalry Regiment and 1 Artillery battery as the "standard" force for each player/side. Always thought that was a nice force for a player at that level of game. I believe Sam Mustafa used it for his ACW rules Longstreet.

  5. Wow - superb photography - that course really paid off!

  6. Very enjoyable little game in great company. Pics of figures came out nicely. That cavalry clash looks far more epic than it actually was! Thanks for posting.


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