Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Aztec vs Conquistador HOTT

I've been sorting some stuff out for another game over the past couple of days, but the HOTT armies I took to the club on Thursday were still about, so I squeezed in a quick game last night. I decided to use my Aztec/Conquistador matched pair.

The Conquistadors defended.

Hordes of Aztecs swarmed towards them ...

... and their feathered serpent put in a dangerously early appearance.

The Conquistadors counterattacked, with their horsemen supported by St James and an angel.

Battle was joined ...

... but the Spanish were thrown back.

Aztecs continued to advance on the main Spanish line, despite artillery fire and musketry.

The feathered serpent joined the fight, sweeping the angel from the sky.

It then helped Aztec warriors destroy the Spanish horse.

St James fought on alone, but soon fell.

The Aztec line was broken up, but still advancing, and the Conquistadors had little response left.

The serpent destroyed their artillery.

A final push by the Aztecs saw the Spanish foot routed.

The end. The Conquistadors had been decimated.

The bold counterattack by the Conquistadors made a certain amount of sense, but it did leave the one real element they had capable of fighting the feathered serpent - St James - locked in combat and unable to engage it. The feathered serpent ran rampant, accounting, directly or indirectly, for most of the Aztec kills.

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