Saturday, 4 March 2017

Maurice Village Defence

A game of Maurice was arranged this week. We turned up at the club with figures and Daniel basically threw together a scenario on the fly making use of what we had. And it made for a very entertaining evening.

Here we see the focus; a village defended by some Russians. Most of it is visual garnish; the actual village is that small square of troops in the centre.

Beyond the Russians are, on the left, some Prussians and, on the right, an allied force of French and Austrians. Each group had a different set of national advantages.

An aerial view as the Allies slowly encircle the village.

And in they go. The fighting around the village was intense.

My force was more Russians, who started in one corner and had to march to the sound of the guns. Here you can see my infantry forming up to the right of the village in order to take on Caesar's dastardly Franco-Austrians.

We put up a brave fight, but casualties were too much for us and the Russian army broke. I had trouble bringing up the reinforcements as quickly as I would have liked because I had a mixed force of cavalry, infantry, artillery and irregulars which, as you know, can't all be moved together in Maurice. I then made the mistake of deploying my cavalry on the opposite flank to the infantry, leaving my general shuttling back and forth faster than a President between his job and the golf-course. My artillery never moved.

It was a fun game, and possibly closer than it looked.

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  1. Looks nice, and bloody! Great looking mass effect...


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