Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dwarven Stronghold

The other week I showcased my new 28mm Dwarf army for HOTT. At the time it lacked a stronghold, but I have now rectified that omission.

Here it is:

It's the Netherforge Miner King from Thingiverse.

I scaled it up by 30%, and it printed well with no loss of resolution. It's one of the longest prints I've done - over ten hours - and is in nine pieces: the body and the eight arms. It was very easy to assemble, of course.

As strongholds go it's on a base of the absolute minimum size: 200p square. But it's far more interesting than the traditional cave or mine entrance I would have otherwise gone for.


  1. The piece does a nice job of conveying the "mechanically inclined side" of Dwarven life. Well done!


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