Friday, 31 March 2017

Thursday HOTT

After missing two weeks due, firstly, to the Rainstorm of the Apocalypse and secondly, to going to a stand-up show (as an audience member, not a participant), I finally got back down to the Gong Garage Gamer last night. We played HOTT; a 48AP game using Geoff's 15mm figures on 60mm frontages. The armies were Dave and I, using some Middle Earth derived force, against Geoff and Caesar, using Ancient Greeks.

Here we are, all deployed. Dave's wing is out of shot to the left.

We started off well. Caesar pushed his general too far forward, and got attacked by my warriors who were supported by an eagle. His general died. However this wasn't enough to break his command.

Geoff brought the army's hero general over, and dealt with the eagles, and my attempt to finish off Caesar's command stalled.

Dave was advancing slowly on Geoff's wing.

Despite a PIP shortage caused by having no general, Caesar made good use of the dragon he brought on (the multi-coloured hydra in the distance), and my casualties began to mount.

I didn't take any pictures after that one. We managed to ensorcell Geoff's hero general as well; their army's CinC. However his loss wasn't enough to defeat their army, so the battle continued. My command went demoralised and my magician general was killed. This released their hero from his enchantment, and he came close to capturing our stronghold. However I also failed to rally the surviving elements in my command, which fled the field and broke our army

This was a close game, which could ave gone either way. Caesar made great use of his dragon, and Geoff's use of his hero on the opposite flank to his ow troops also helped swing the battle in their favour.

Dave and Caesar then played a 24AP game using my Weirdstone of Brisingamen matched pair.

Once again Caesar pushed his genera (the wizard) forward into peril.

He carved his way through the opposing Morthbrood.

His hero met the enemy behemoth.

What happened next I can't remember. I actually can't remember who won. I know it was very close, but after less than 12 hours, all memory of the fina result has sipped my mind.

There was an ending, of that I am sure.


  1. Looking great! 48AP? Do you multiply the rolls for pips or how does that work?

  2. We use the mass battle rules in HOTT 2.0/2.1. The army is split into two commands; each command gets its own PIP dice. One of their generals is the CinC, and gets a small bonus, but his loss can be fatal. There are rules for demoralising commands. All fairly straightforward.

  3. Great games. Dave won the second match. Dragons rule!

  4. Interesting read as always. Your reports on HOTT always intrigue me, but alas, I have no opponents around here.

    1. HOTT is very solo-friendly; I play as many games against myself as I do against live opponents. With no hidden information, and a conventional IGO-UGO sequence, it's possible to just swap from one side to the other and play the 'best moves'.

  5. I really like the look of the 15mm figures on 60mm bases. I am contemplating building all new Classical armies in this format.

  6. The green behemoth looks interesting. Please tell me more about it. Regards, Karl

    1. It's called a Mara - 20ft tall troll-woman. There's some stuff about the origins of names and concepts in the books here:

    2. The figure itself is a 54mm Irregular Miniatures nude, with tissue-paper clothing and a new head made from green stuff.

    3. Thanks a lot! I hadn't heard about the book before. The miniature looks great. Do you have a bigger picture of it? Cheers, Karl


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