Friday, 24 February 2017

Dwarves and Romans

My new Dwarf HOTT army made its club debut last night, fighting Geoff's Retro Romans who apparently hadn't been out of the box since about 1990.

Both armies had a solid core of blades. Geoff added warband, riders and a hero to his; I added a behemoth, knights and some shooters.

A rapid advance in the centre saw the blades actually fight each other in the obligatory long slog.

Action on the flanks would decide who got the edge. But a shoving match developed on the one flank where both armies had their mounted.

My shooters took their flank, whilst in the bad going Geoff gained the advantage. We both set about turning each other's line.

The mounted fight went against me, though, as my impetuous troops were split up by feigned retreats. First the behemoth fell.

Then one of the knights. It was a close game 12AP to 10AP, but Geoff clinched the victory.

The second game was shorter. Geoff went for a later, more eastern army, with cataphracts and more warband. I dropped the knights and behemoth and added artillery, a lurker and a hero. Geoff attacked through a big patch of bad going, and I hit him as he emerged. Unable to use the full strength of his blades or the second rank of his warband, the result was inevitable.

So two good close games for the dwarves, and a victory as well. A good night.


  1. Hiya Kaptain K,

    I want to drop you a personal email so what would be the best address to get you on?

    Kind regards,


    1. kptainkobold at yahoo dot co uk will always find me.


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