Thursday, 14 April 2016

King Of The Hill

I introduced Caesar's son Kaleb to Battlesworn this evening. He took my newly printed and painted Dwarves, whilst I used the Uruk Hai. The warbands were:


1 x Warlord (Brute/Tank)
4 x Warriors (Fighters)
4 x Armoured Guard (Tanks)
1 x Mechanical Stonethrower (Arquebusier/Tank)

Uruk Hai

4 x Pikemen (Fighters)
4 x Warriors with armour and shield (Tanks)
2 x Warriors with Crossbow (Arquebusiers)
1 x Berserker (Berserker/Brute)

We played the King Of The Hill scenario from the book, except the hill had one level with a stone plinth on the top. Whoever occupied the plinth at the end of 15 turns would win. Or you could kill the enemy warband and win that way.

I took the initiative on the first couple of turns, and quickly got an armoured warrior onto the plinth. Kaleb moved up a couple of his armoured Dwarves to oppose me.

I moved some pikemen around the flank to prevent him launching an all-out attack on the warrior on the plinth. After throwing a couple of rocks ineffectively the stone-thrower was committed to melee. A Dwarf attacked the warrior on the plinth, but came off badly.

The first casualty. I tried to charge the Dwarf Warlord, and was intercepted. With one mighty swing the Uruk Hai warrior cut down his opponent.

More figures were sucked into the fight. I kept my crossbows in the woods. If Kaleb did get a figure onto the plinth, they would shoot it down.

The first Dwarf to attack the plinth was finally killed, but the Warlord now entered the fight.

Another Dwarf joined in, and the King of the Hill was soon wounded. Meanwhile the Uruk Hai berserker swept into action, although not by choice.

Kaleb looks satisfied as the berserker was cut down by a five dice rolling four sixes. If only his dad could roll like that.

The Uruk Hai warrior was finally toppled from his plinth.

The Warlord was still stuck in combat, so Kaleb had one of his armoured warriors climb onto it. I reacted with the crossbows, who both missed when the lucky Dwarf dodged the shots.

We were now onto the last turn. I managed to throw two figures into the attack, albeit that one was seriously wounded. The wounded warrior died, and the other missed.

Kaleb was King Of The Hill.

He picked the game up very quickly and won it the way the scenario probably should be won; wait until the last possible minute before getting onto the plinth to prevent the enemy from mounting an effective attack to topple you. The Uruk Hai crossbows were executed after the fight for incompetence.

I lost five figures  - three Fighters, a Tank and the Berserker. Kaleb lost a Fighter and a Tank.

I managed to fail to take any pictures of the three - yes THREE - other games being played this evening. Caesar and Gary were playing Saga again (Welsh vs Anglo-Danes), Geoff and Dave played DBA (the game included Cyrus's great big tower, and I didn't see anything past that) and Ralph and Bryan played Team Yankee.


  1. Nice battle report. How many turns did the game go for?

  2. Thanks for a great game Alan, i really enjoyed it

  3. Kaleb is my secret dice-rolling weapon. Just ask Gary...

    1. He lulled me into a false sense of security, with some dodgy rolls early on. Then the Uruk Hai bodies started piling up ...

  4. Great battle report! And a nice review of KnK. Thank you. I'm very glad to hear the young players enjoyed it. I plan to teach Battlesworn to my family. Maybe, they'll take an interest in my crazy hobby.

  5. Great stuff. Made my list of the week's best:

    1. Wow! Thanks very much. And what a great idea for a weekly post.

    2. Thanks! With little time to play, someone ought to benefit from my batrep lurking.


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