Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dwarves for Battlesworn

I printed off a Dwarven warband for Battlesworn before we went away last weekend, but only got around to painting them this weekend.

The files were scaled for 18mm figures, but I increased them in size by 40% and the detail didn't go too fuzzy.

Here's the full warband - there's more than twelve slots there, giving the player a few options.

Four fighters.

These Dwarves have more armour, so would be classed as Tanks.

A couple of Dwarves with 'gonnes' - Arquebusiers.

Two personalities - a Dwarven Lord and a Forgemaster. The Lord could be a Brute/Tank, Tank/Leader of something similar. I'm not really sure what you'd class the Forgemaster as; a Warmage maybe.

The Tinkerer and a Rock-Lobber. The former has a jetpack, so could be a Flyer. The latter? Tank/Arquebusier seems a good bet.

Update: I played a quick game with them this evening, against an NPC Goblin force and using the King of the Hill scenario from the rules. They scored a fairly convincing victory, getting one of their Tanks onto the hill early on, then pushing other units closer to the Goblins in order to draw off attacks.In fact they took more casualties than the Goblins, losing two Fighters to a cave troll whilst the Goblins lost a Rogue early on. A lot of figures on both sides were on red or yellow by the end, though; had the game continued past the 15th turn casualties would have mounted quickly. And the Goblins had, on that last turn, finally pushed through to the objective - just too late.


  1. Huzzah for Battlesworn! That's a great little dwarf warband with lots of personality. Have you seen the new expansion and if you have, could you comment on it?


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