Friday, 27 February 2015

Basing Ideas For Blucher

This is a fairly targeted post. Our club's Yahoo Group has been busy today discussing how one might base troops for Blucher, so I said I'd throw together some rough ideas using my 6mm South American figures and the Blucher cards. And here they are. You'll see that the cards are still sealed. Our club was one of the playtest groups, so three of us got a set of the 100 Days campaign cards. The other two have opened theirs. I haven't seen the need yet.

Here's an infantry base. The figures are Irregular Miniatures, and whilst they are mounted on 25mm x 10mm bases they actually have a frontage of 21mm and a depth of just over 5mm. So you could easily fit four ranks into the columns, and still leave a gap at the front for the skirmisher screen and a gap at the back for some mounted officers.

I don't have any bases to do infantry in line, but it would be relatively straightforward to do a double rank across the base and possibly a second line as well. I don't really know much about infantry formations of the period, so I don't know how the troops ought to be arranged.

A cavalry base. Again, the actual Irregular cavalry bases are smaller than the ones I have them mounted on, so more could be squeezed on, or the ones in this picture put closer together to show blocks of units.

Finally, some artillery. You could squeeze four guns on the base, but the spacing looks nice here.

You'll note that I haven't left room for the unit characteristics and the Elan track. To be honest that's just best tracked on a roster. All the base needs is an ID and some idea of where the centre-point of the front is. We're wargamers; we're all used to tracking other information in our heads or off-table.

I have no plans to rush off and actually paint and base any figures for Blucher, but I hope this post shows how units might look using 6mm figures in manageable numbers.

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  1. Brilliant! This has been something that has been taxing my mind. Today I ordered some 3x2 inch metal bases for my 15mm troops. As they are on magnetic bases they should handle quite well for Blucher. I think you are right about the roster. If you are using miniatures you don't want the visual impact spoilt by labels (something that was very obvious to me in the game I played).

    While I no longer have 6mm figures, their use is of interest. I particularly like the idea of being able to show skirmishers, mixed brigades, attached artillery etc.


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