Thursday, 18 September 2014

HOTT On Mars

I played a couple of Barsoomian HOTT games at the club tonight, so I could get a feel for the armies I might be using at MOAB. My opponent was the ever willing Geoff (not pictured, for once).

In the first game Geoff defended with the Green Martians against an attack by the low-tech Red Martians of Manator (no aerials, basically). The Manatorians bottled up the Green Martian attack between two areas of bad going, pushing their infantry to the fore and keeping their thoat-riders as a reserve to block or exploit breakthroughs.

The first Green Martian charge was repelled with casualties, but they regrouped and came in again, punching through the Manatorian line. Tars Tarkas, their hero general, engaged the Manatorian Jeddak in single combat, and killed him to win the battle.

In the second game the forces of John Carter's Helium faced the Red Martian city of Gathol. Both sides had an aerial navy, and the Gathlians a force of thoat cavalry as well. Helium had John Carter.

The aerial navies approached ....

... fought ...

... and fought some more ...

... until the last Heliumitic vessels were swept from the skies.

Meanwhile the rest of Gathol's army was in trouble; John Carter trouble. He had pretty much destroyed their cavalry single-handed, and was now supporting the Heliumitic infantry in wiping out the Gatholian foes.

The first elements of Gathol's navy moved up to support the surviving infantry, and were destroyed by John Carter to give Helium the victory.

Both games were closer than they appeared, especially the second, which hinged on my being unable to get Gathol's navy into the main fight after giving myself a victory point advantage taking out the enemy air vessels.

I think that two of these armies will see use at MOAB. But I'm still not sure which, yet. The mostly aerial Black Pirates are also a possibility.


  1. Very cool! Great figures and terrain.

  2. Looks great, and a period I very much want to get into one of these days (ever since reading the books when I was a teenager, and having read a few recently and enjoyed them just as much).


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