Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mythic GME Flash

I think this has been around for a while, but I only came across it yesterday ...

I sometimes like to dabble in solo role-playing. To run the games I use a useful booklet called the Mythic GM Emulator, which allows you to generate a story and incidents by asking a series of yes/No questions and interpreting the results within certain guidelines. Using you can generate a full session with a fairly involved story with virtually no preparation. It suits light role-plying games in which it's easy to generate characters and threats on the fly - Risus or Supercrew for example.

Anyway, what I hadn't realised, until yesterday, is that there's a Flash version of the emulator available online

You can get it HERE.

Although it's possible to get the gist of how it works from the page alone, it's really helpful to have the original booklet, with its guidelines on how to run a game and phrase questions.

But it's a useful tool that I shall use the next time I feel the need to run a game.

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