Friday, 26 October 2012

A New Nation Takes To The World Stage

Last night saw the debut of a new nation in our continuing Maurice learning games - The Confederation Of Tea States. Looking suspiciously like 10mm 1840s Mexicans bought on a bring-and-buy they took the the field with their national advantages of proper artillery and dashing cavalry.

We tried more new rules - proper set up of terrain and attacker/defender roles. The Confederation found themselves defending a small town against an attack by troops from the Duchy of Sand Couleur. The Duchy opted for a combination of massed columns and bayonets, fully intending to remember that they had them ...

Here's the pictures.

Infantry of the Confederation of Tea States, painted by Caesar. He paints faster than I do ...

The army of the Duchy of Sans Couleur.

John looked after the town garrison, whilst Caesar made the life and death decisions. Tim watched.

Dave takes a break from running Wollongong to supervise the game.

Sans Couleur infantry advance on the town. By this stage the columns had already suffered badly from artillery fire.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the room, Geoff and Peter played Full Thrust. A NAC fleet was attacking an enemy star system.

NAC capital ships, screened by fighters.

The asteroids were planetary defence installations, supported by small escort vessels.

In the meantime Sans Couleur was attacking the town.

And after a stiff fight they took it.

To support the assault they sent their cavalry in against the Confederation's cavalry.

A swirling melee ensued.

However at this point it was getting late, the game was less than halfway through the second deck, and both sides still had plenty of morale left. With the objective - the town - in their hands the Duke of Sans Couleur sued for peace. Their army was fairly beaten up, though, so I reckon were were looking at a draw.

Most of us have had a stab at Maurice now, and everyone seems to like it. So I suspect there will be a few pseudo 18th century armies being constructed from whatever figures we have laying around. And Caesar and I are looking out for more pirate Risk sets ...

Next Week - Saga.

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  1. A bit of a slogfest, the town was a tough nut to crack and had us referring closely to the rulebook as we came to terms with this previously unplayed phenomenon. Sans Couleur, by a supreme concentration of forces, finally took the objective. Next we'll spice up the game with irregulars and Notables... Maurice also has some nice campaign rules.


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